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Installing Sitecore 9.2 as a developer

Installing Sitecore 9.2 as a developer My current role requires my upskilling into Sitecore development. As part of the Sitecore developer certification, a certain portion of the exam you undertake, requires you to understand the installation process. Installation of Sitecore is not for the faint hearted. Even with the copious documentation provided, getting this to run successfully is beset with problems to trip you over. I've spent hours repeating the process of installing, and had driven myself mad with the number of times something broke, with no real pointers available as to why things broke. Some of the messages displayed during the procedure gave no clues as to what went wrong. I've therefore used a variety of sources to prepare this guide in how to install the software as a developer. These links were referred to constantly while I played around with installation. Thank you to these bloggers for creating these guides. They proved to be a godsend! To make things easier