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The journey to CSS starts here

Sorry again for the lack of updates. I've started to seriously look at using CSS for my site. In fact, the whole site needs an update - I've stuck with this design for nearly three years now, to be honest, not much has happened apart from this (infrequent) blog. Now though, I've been taking a look at CSS Zen Garden, a great example of now CSS can really make a site kick ass. From this, and the sites and resources it links to, I'm starting to CSS the site, and get it standards compliant. I'll be happy to share the journey with you. I'm using Firefox a lot now for browsing, it's a much better online experience, and is ideal for testing my layouts. So far, I'm making slow but steady progress. The messy part is dealing with the different hacks for different browsers, especially the clearly infamous IE Box Hack. I'll tell you more on my progress, and how it is relevant to my sites at work later in the week.