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Showing posts from July, 2005

Sitemap fixed

I managed to fix the sitemap CSS now. MSIE was having problems with my cascade, so I made another wrapper to go around my unordered list, which seems to have done the trick. Had a look at the CSS Zen Garden for inspiration. I think some of the links in the blog aren't working properly. Probably me getting things mixed up in the templates, which I'll take a look at later.

DHTML Lemmings

DHTML Lemmings is a browser based version of the classic puzzle game by DMA Design/Psygnosis. I used to play this for hours on the Acorn RISC OS platform (it was ported to many many platforms during the early 90s) and it was incredibly frustrating yet delightful at the same time. You'll need a strong browser and a fast machine to play this version. A superb demonstration of what can be done in the browser environment.

Content? What content?

My site is boring isn't it? Having done the obvious cosmetics, content is thin on the ground, and more worryingly, dated . Too much resting on very old laurels. I'll seriously have to dig out my more recent work, which actually doesn't amount to much, if only because my work is limited to only a handful of sites. I made another book purchase, The Zen of CSS Design which examines some of the best submissions to the CSS Zen Garden . A very good read indeed.

Templates update

I've recently finished updating the Blogger, and error page templates to reflect the new CSS changes. Code is much reduced as a result, so it's easier for me to edit in future. I've uncovered more HTML which needs cleaning up in order to achieve compatibility with the XHTML standard. This, and a whole lot more cleanup work is still in order.

CSS not there yet

I spent some time today trying to figure out how Kaosweaver's Expert Breadcrumbs extension worked. Finally figured it out now, so I've uploaded some amendments. Still a lot to do though.

Domesday Book now online

TV Cream's latest email bulletin alerted me to this: the entire content of the 1986 Domesday Book has been placed online. Wonderful - I checked the info on my hometown of Egham and Englefield Green, and to read about life 20 years ago, reminds me of how much some things have changed, but others have remained the same. Under the Egham listing, I found some text entitled 'Fashion in 1985'. Remember that the content here was put together by schoolchildren: Pastel colours are in fashion this year.You can see that miniskirts are also Fashionable.Boys wear mostly Kikku jeans which are not wide at the bottom.Adidas sweatshirts can have long sleeves and short sleeves.Lyle and Scott and Pringle jumpers are made of wool with either a plain or patterned design which are very expensive, the brand name being the fashion. A Bob haircut is shaped at the back cut so that it curls under.The fringe is flicked slightly at the side.To 'flick',the hair is brushed back

CSS Alpha #1

I'm presently uploading an early alpha of the website. The most immediate difference is that I've got rid of the Javascript rollovers, and replaced it with CSS text rollovers. Much more low-maintenance. Now the sidebar consists of only two graphics, the background and the logo. This has the bonus of making pages much neater in HTML, about 3-5k is lost in the process on each page, which is a big difference. In Firefox, try switching off the styling to see the actual HTML. Much neater and cleaner isn't it? Now, being an alpha, certain items aren't corrected yet, namely: the error pages, some of the breadcrumbs, the Oblogatory (still uses the old design), the CSS for the UL tag doesnt work properly in Internet Explorer (among other items) and some page layouts (in particular the Malaysia 2003 album) are wonky. No doubt, all of these will get addressed in the coming days...