Klang Valley Haze continues

BBC World have been showing Kuala Lumpur with the nasty haze. Easily the worst seen since 1997/98 (I wasn't here when that happened, but I couldn't believe the stories even then), so to carry on with life here without seeing blue sky, or anything for that matter, casts a very depressing shadow over everything.

As I write, Kuala Selangor and Port Klang have been declared as emergency areas, with API of over 500 earlier today. No schools are open, and all businesses (except food shops, and health/medical related centres) are to close.

Meantime, the government have now released API figures to the public, after being a national secret for seven years. Figures are now available on a twice-daily basis.

Meantime, Kuala Lumpur is business as usual, unless the API reaches 500 here as well. I wonder how long it will last. It can't be much better for those who suffer from breathing problems.

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